Mt. Maculot IT – 2nd Anniversary Climb

Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas
835 masl, minor climb, level 1, easy
the guys4mountains 2nd anniversary/1st induction climb!

Day 1:
7:00 AM – Assemble at 7/11 Buendia
7:30 AM – ETD Cuenca Batangas
10:45 AM – ETA Cuenca Batangas (Shopping mode, arrange trip to Jump-off)
11:00 AM – ETA Mountaineer’s store (Jump-off) and registration. Prepare pack lunch.
11:20 AM – ETD Jump-off
12:30PM – ETA Manggahan (Lunch)
1:45 PM – Continue trek to Veranda (last station before the grassland)
3:00 PM – ETA Veranda. Wear sun protection, rest.
3:30 PM – ETA Shoulder camp. Fix tent.
4:00 PM – Start trek to “Rockies”
4:15 PM – ETA “Rockies”. Pledge of Loyalty, distribution of IDs, Pic-pac, emote-emotan waiting for the sunset.
6:45 PM – ETA Shoulder camp. Prepare dinner.
8:00 PM – Dinner/Socials
11:30 PM – Lights off.

DAY 2:
5:30 AM – Wake-up call. Another “Rockies” for sunrise??
6:30 AM – Prepare breakfast.
8:00 AM – Break camp
8:30 AM – Start descent
10:00 AM – ETA Mountaineer’s store. (Ligo, early lunch, arrange trip to Cuenca)
12:45 PM – ETA Cuenca (waiting shed)
1:00 PM – ETD Cubao/Manila
4:00 PM – ETA Cubao/Manila

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